Why Wix Is the Best E-commerce Websites Builder in 2018

E-commerce Websites Builder in 2018

When we talk about the best e-commerce websites builders out there, Wix comes on top. Wix was launched in 2005, and it’s situated in New York. Just by the looks, you could think that it’s just a simple drag and drop web builder, yet its popularity has skyrocketed over the years. It’s more than that. Today, 1.2% of all websites in the world run on Wix. But why has Wix gained popularity rapidly over the past few years? Hereโ€™s why:

a.ย ย ย ย  The e-commerce Websites Builder has competitive prices

For starters, Wix offers a free option to create your e-commerce website. The free plan comes with unlimited templates to choose from, hosting, storage and bandwidth (500MB), Google Analytics and more. There are paid options that are cost-effective. You can pay as low as $4.95 per month. And, the kicker is that even if you choose the free option, you still get premium customer service and support. Also, Wix comes with powerful search engine capabilities, which means your website will rank better in search engines.

b.ย ย ย ย  The e-commerce websites builder allows you to create flash e-commerce websites

Probably the biggest reason for the popularity of Wix is that, besides letting you build professional and elegant static e-commerce websites, it also enables you to apply the flashy website concepts you have. While Wix can turn a mediocre looking website into a static masterpiece, the attraction of a flash website that encompasses bold and colorful presentations is what lures many people to the site. No wonder photographers and artists love Wix because they can demonstrate their creativity. Also, any portfolio can look its best in flash design.

c.ย ย ย ย ย  Wix e-commerce Websites Builder comes with an array of useful features and add-ons

What differentiates one website builder to another is the number of features it comes with. Wix comes with an incredible amount of features and add-ons. While other new website builders come with numerous features and add-ons, Wix is miles ahead due to its innovative editor that allows you to customize your website to your liking. While most website builders still offer the ability to create static sites, Wix offers numerous flash templates to create flash websites. Some of the things that you can integrate into Wix include media players, Google maps, PayPal, YouTube, clip art and more.


With Wix, the possibilities of creating a stunning website are endless. And when you look at the unique advantages it offers, itโ€™s easy to see why most business owners are drifting towards Wix. Don’t be left behind. If you want to create stunning websites or e-commerce platform, you’d better choose Wix.