How many times have you made that same New Year’s Resolution to lose those extra pounds and get in better shape? Ever wondered why losing weight is so hard, while gaining it back seems so easy? Guess what you are not alone.

I have watched the yo-yo effect, personal discouragement, lack of motivation, and 'gym intimidation', drive many people like yourself away from there goals. I have also seen people dedicated to exercising, become frustrated with their lack of results over time.

That is why I created Body and Soul. Utilizing over a dozen years of experience to teach clients Skills that will enable them to enjoy a new and exciting healthy Lifestyle.

Body and Soul provides completely customized programs designed for clients personal goals. The overall goal being to teach clients skills to manage not only their workouts, but their eating and resting habits.

Yes, it takes some Effort.

Yes, it CAN be done.

Yes, you will be Successful. One step at a time.